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93: Lesley Mitchell Clarke of Contact Radio - Did Jesus really exist?

December 21, 2013

Today we welcome back Leslie Mitchell Clarke to the Honest-to-God Series with Aingeal Rose & AHONU! We had a lively discussion about the Life of Jesus – the traditional story vs. the more esoteric story. We went into his missed years and also the rumor that he may not have physically existed at all. We brought in his relationship with Mary Magdalene and also discussed the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Lesley is a consulting hypnotist, graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre, member of The National Guild of Hypnotists with a special certification in Past Life Regression. Lesley and her hypnosis clinic, LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS are also focused on the use of hypnosis for the positive improvement of all issues pertaining to artists of all disciplines (actors, dancers, visual artists, writers, musicians, vocalists, etc.) and the unique demands that they deal with in their daily lives and careers.

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke currently resides in Toronto, and has continued to work with artists locally and throughout the United States, Japan and Europe.  She has recently appeared in commercials for McDonalds, "Miller Light", and "Bounce". She also hosts her own radio show in Canada called 'CONTACT' which explores the ET presence and other spiritual and metaphysical topics. Lesley has been married for twenty years to the world-renowned, award-winning Canadian jazz drummer and Member of the Order of Canada, Terry Clarke. They have two teenage sons, Kristopher and Kyle.

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  •     The Life and times of Jesus
  •     The Traditional Story vs. The Real Thing
  •     The Drama of Jesus’s life
  •     Mary Magdelene & Mother Mary
  •     Was Jesus from the Stars?
  •     Was he even real at all?
  •     History and Mind Control
  •     The Egyptian Mystery Schools
  •     …and much more!

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