Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

92: Mind Control - the ultimate terror!

December 14, 2013

Aingeal Rose & AHONU discuss Mind Control - the ultimate terror!

Introduction: We, AHONU (Ireland) & Aingeal Rose (USA) are authors, artists, speakers, researchers, ministers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers who, individually and as a Twin-Flame husband-and-wife team, have helped countless people all over the world grow in personal power and self-mastery through our simple but highly effective Honest-to-God Series of self mastery products and programs, of which this is one of them. Today we speak about mind control and more.

Brief Summary: How mind control is becoming pervasive and insidious in our world and yet, has always been that way since the beginning of time! Known as brainwashing in some quarters it can be seen as subverting the control over an individual and is known as the ultimate terror.

We covered:

  1. The Creation Story of the Annunaki
  2. The Growth of Awareness
  3. The Drama of Mind Control
  4. Mind Control Triggers
  5. The Ultimate Terror
  6. History and Mind Control
  7. The Pure Thought
  8. ...and much more!

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Next week - Lesley Mitchell Clarke speaking about Jesus!

Until next Saturday at 8am Pacific Time, we send you our love, blessings and thanks for listening to AHONU & Aingeal Rose on the Honest to God Series! Slán agus beannacht Dé libh go leir!

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