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172: Ahonu on Contact TV on the historic roots of BELTANE, and ancient Irish Gods

April 30, 2016

I am delighted to announce that we have something very different for you today.

On the 1st May this year, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host/Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS launched their new production, CONTACT TV. This TV version is their new, visual format of their successful on-line radio broadcast called “Contact Radio”, which ran for five successive years. Their new show is running on and also on their new CONTACT TV YouTube Channel.

But guess what, who was their first guest? Who was asked to celebrate with them, on their first show, the May 1st ancient Irish Festival of Beltane (or Bealtine as we know it in Ireland)? You guessed it - myself Ahonu.

In this sixty minute interview by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and her co-host Wes Roberts, we covered topics such as:

  • What are the historic roots of BELTANE?
  • How was Beltane celebrated in ancient times, and how is it celebrated presently?
  • Who are the Tuatha De Danaan (the Sons of the Goddess Danaan), and how does the ancient pantheon of Irish Gods relate to other pantheons of the Norse, Greek, Native American/Canadian ancient peoples, and is there a common denominator?
  • Who were the monument builders of Ireland and The British Isles, and were the Druids perhaps the last receptacle of Atlantean religious practices?
  • Is it possible that the legendary disappearing and re-appearing of the mysterious Irish Island of Hy Brasyl was, or is, an inter-dimensional gateway – or possibly an Atlantean City protected by cloaking technology?
  • Were the physically gigantic “mound builders” of North America, in fact, pre and ante-diluvial Atlantean/Celts – and what about the presence of ancient “Ogham” writing and other possibly Celtic, stone structures found throughout North America?
  • Also, it is a scientific fact that people of Irish descent carry a high percentage of the "O Negative" blood grouping – which is considered the oldest blood grouping on the planet (only found in 3½ percent of the world’s population), and how is it that nearly 90% of people with Basque ancestry (both in Europe and the U.S.) have "O Negative" blood, and is there perhaps a deep, ethnic connection to an ancient, pre-historic super culture?
  • And do the existing sacred spaces of Ireland still maintain special powers/vibrations? Wow - let’s begin…

The book, The Reincarnation of Columbus, mentioned in this episode is here:

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