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171: Flash - A Life of Adventure Relived in 3.5 Seconds

April 23, 2016


Join Ahonu & Aingeal Rose and Author and Adventurer Jim Pasmore on a fascinating and exciting journey that began with a 3 1/2 second near death 'flash' - during which time he re-experienced his entire life, revealing insights and lessons that took him the next forty years to fully understand... including twenty-two other near misses.

From near death events to beyond the physical body experiences, from motorcycle metaphysics to momentous miracles, the author takes us on a journey of exploration, discovery, excitement and adventure leading to the tantalizing grand prize of existence; discovery of Self as Spirit.

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An Amazon verified purchaser said "Mr Pasmore recounts his life transitions which have led him to that spiritual place another enlightened one realized only after meditating under a Bodhi tree for seven days. He would certainly agree with Deepak Chopra in that we should “feel” the world rather than try to understand it. Mr Pasmore takes us through many of his past life's adventures that he experienced in 31/2 seconds and, for the most part, avoids the pedantic or pedestrian patterns that recounting serial events can often fall into. His writing style is efficient and it flows well which makes reading his life's experience very enjoyable. Wish I could spend a few days with him."

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Who is Jim Pasmore?

Jim Pasmore is a born adventurer who began his adventures from the time he could toddle out of the house to explore the prairies of Grand Prairie, Texas at age two. Over the ensuing years, Jim graduated to grander and more exciting explorations including riding in junior rodeos, jumping motor-cycles, getting lost in wilderness adventures, exploring wild caves, and ultimately traveling from equatorial jungles to the arctic circle, and in the process getting to know people and places in the all fifty US states, sixty one countries, and hundreds of cities and towns around the world.

For the past 38 years Jim has traveled worldwide to develop, market, sell, and train users on scientific instrumentation. He has also been a contributor  to new market development strategies along with new product applications and capabilities. He has written or co-written 23 scientific publications on the use of analytical instrumentation for environmental and quality control testing.

In 2015 at age 73, Jim is still an avid exercise and workout enthusiast, hiker, mountain climber, mountain climber, tennis and racquetball player, and a metaphysical practitioner. Besides being a father to 5 children, he is a grandfather of 7 and in 2013 became a great grandfather. Jim is also an Associate Member and Prayer Chaplin for the Unity Community of Central Oregon.

Jim's book can be purchased on Amazon here, or he can be contacted on [email protected]

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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